Even the most straightforward video editors have multiple transition options in-store, but usually, vertical video creators choose jump cuts instead of spending time with others. I will try to teach you when to select which transitions on Tiktok.


A cut is the most fundamental transition in all video editing. That’s because it doesn’t require any exceptional rendering or graphics editor. All you have to do is put two clips next to each other. This is the most common way in vertical videos.

You should use cut transition if your video has a fast pace, looking to create a dramatic commercial or short film; this transition can be ideal for heightening an atmosphere of action or tenseness.


These are the most used transitions after the cut transition, and all of them mean a gradual melting from one shot to the next.
Filmmakers choose these options to create a more peaceful transition and a thoughtful mood. It can also help you tell the viewers that some time has passed between two shots.


Fading to black or white and fading from black or white transitions are classic tools in film and television; they mainly indicate beginning or ending scenes. People mostly use it at the beginning of vertical videos for a clean start.

Less abrupt than cut transitions but not quite as “contemplative” as full-blown crossfades, the fade technique is an excellent in-between style of video transition that creates an atmosphere of expectation and provokes a sober mood.


Most editing applications and social media apps like Tiktok or Kwai have many digital transitions that you can use. It would be best to choose which of them to use by how it will help you tell your story. Will it be consistent with your story and pace? Do you have a good video that will match the transition? Don’t break the pace of your video.

Bad video pacing happens when the lengths of the shots vary. The intent is usually good – the video editor wants to relay their emotion to the viewer. A fast pace is about excitement; a slow pace is about relaxation. So finding a good rhythm to the video is something you’d want to do. It will need to re-watch your shots in edit and change the length of your shots if required.