Today I’m going to list some of the camera techniques that I don’t see many examples of on Tiktok and Kwai so that they can inspire you.

The quick zoom keeps the camera still and uses zoom, sometimes even extremely. It creates higher energy and immediacy you don’t get with a slow movement. The quick zoom is used to zoom on funny characters and/or their faces, insignificant objects, or underwhelming results of funny dialogue.

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This is a cool technique and an idea for your next video. It relies on similar or nearly identical shots being shown with some differences that creates comedy. You have to take your time planning it, but viewers will appreciate all the differences and your production value.

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With this camera movement, you start shooting in one spot and end at another, revealing the comedic object. You can use zoom, push, pull or dolly shot that we taught you on the previous reports, but the main idea is to build up for the reveal.

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In this shot, you don’t show your main character or object and don’t move the camera or zoom. The character or object gets into the shot quickly which will create a dramatic comedy effects and will grab viewers attention.

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In this is camera is typically sitting still, allowing a joke to happen over time or with a sudden change. Character goes off screen and people start to think that they will go away but they return and interact with that scene some more.

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When a character is breaking the fourth wall and addressing the camera directly, or just talking to a person behind the camera and tells it to look somewhere or look somewhere; Camera followers them and we learn something new. The joke is either the person or the thing we see or the reaction and the dialogue we hear.

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Camera is there to shoot your video, but what if you interact with it and make it your object in a scene? Perhaps you hit the camera with an object while you are throwing it, or you hit yourself?

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